COMING Q3 2019

Car insurance that price not for who you are but how you drive

Up to 50% lower price for good drivers.

Experience of 21st age insurance.


Traditional pricing model is not accurate.


10% of drivers do all accidents. 90% of good drivers overpay for car insurance to covers the costs. That’s not fair.


Use pricing based on actual driving behaviour.

With Ubitel good drivers pay less and bad drivers are motivated to drive more safely.

Get fair insurance offers to your app

With the safe driving score save up to 50%

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Traditional car insurance companies operates on the expired ideas and technology.

Ubitel build the insurance company how it should be done in 2019.


The difference between premiums and claims is €32 billions.

Ubitel goal is to bring these money back to customers pockets.


  • Žydrūnas Andruška

    CEO, BD, Sales

  • Andrius Valentukonis

    CTO, Software development

  • Vilius Dereškevičius


  • Andrius Volkas

    IT Analyst

  • Virgilijus Trakas

    Backend developer

  • Morten Kroslid

    BD Nordics

  • Martynas Bajoraitis

    App developer


Ubitel Insurance are on the way to be present in all EU.

COMING Q3 2019

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